MMHE West and East Yard are situated in the Southern part of Malaysia, located in the state of Johor, 22 km from Johor Bahru & 39 km from Singapore.

The 2 fully equipped yards are well-positioned along one of the busiest shipping lanes of the South East. We are strategically located from Senai Intenational Airport in about 42 km and only 7.0 km from Johor Port.


 2 x 600T Goliath Cranes


One of The Largest Dry Docks In South East Asia


Malaysia’s Largest Fabrication Areas by Tonnage Capacity

Fabrication Facilities
Annual Fabrication Capacity 129,700 MT
Fabrication Area 542,380m²
    • Automated Cutting & Assembly Workshop
    • Centralised Piping Workshop
    • Exotic Piping Workshop
    • Auto-Blast & Primer Workshop
    • Centralised Chemical Cleaning Workshop
    • Centralised Scheduled Waste Storage
Skid Tracks & Bulkheads MMHE West

  • 55,000 MT
  • 40,000 MT
  • 12,000 MT

  • 25,000 MT
  • 2 x 15,000 MT
  • 5,000 MT
Finger Pier 300 (L) x 25 (W) 390,000 dwt
  • 4 x 250T Crawler Cranes
  • 8 x 50T Rough Terrain Cranes
  • 9 x Luffing Cranes
    Capacity: up to 80T
  • 2 x 600T Goliath Cranes
Water depth
  • West Yard: -10.5m
    Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT)
    East Yard: -10.0m LAT for East Yard
Length of shoreline
  • West Yard: 1500m
  • East Yard: 500m
Dredge Level
  • -10m chart datum
Marine Repair Facilities
Dry dock 1 385m x 80m x 14m Capacity: 450,000 dwt
Dry dock 2 270m x 46m x 12.5m Capacity: 140,000 dwt
Dry dock 3(under construction) 350m x 80m x 14m Capacity: 400,000 dwt
Land berth 1 345m
Land berth 2 345m
Shiplift 188m x 33.8m x 8m Capacity: 50,000 dwt
7 Quays/Berth 7 quays up to 369m 7m draft average
LNGC Repair Facilities
  • Cryogenic workshop (750m² area)
  • Invar welding centre
  • Global test control rooms
  • Acoustic and helium testing equipment
  • Mobile cargo tanks monitoring instruments console
  • 16 yard level-luffing cranes (up to 80 tons)
  • 6 crawler cranes (up to 450 tonnes)
Floating Dock (Kemaman Supply Base) 116m x 24m x 9m Capacity: 6,500MT