MHB has vast experiences in marine repair projects since 1976. On record, MHB had successfully delivered more than 3,800 marine repair projects including several life extension and upgrading solutions. MHB had also delivered more than 200 LNG Carriers since 2004 including 10 projects for major upgrading and life extension works.

Notable projects


LNG Carrier Hyundai Aquapia

Dry docking and repair works

Client: Hyundai Ocean Service Co Ltd

Weight: 77,564 dwt

Ore Carrier Sea Beijing

One of the largest Ore Carriers in the world
Dry docking and repair works

Client: STX Marine

Weight: 403,818 dwt

Pipeley Vessel Audacia

One of the largest Pipelay Vessels in the world

Repair & other services

Client: Allseas

Weight: 31,464 dwt