Doing Our Part for National Heroes #2:

MHB Contributes PPE to Medical Frontliners of COVID-19


Following MHB’s packed food contribution to national’s medical frontliners in Johor from 1 April until 3 April 2020, MHB is once again supporting Ministry of Health who have been working tirelessly during these trying times, in providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for Johor medical frontliners who are in need of the equipment.

Through this initiative, MHB is contributing a total of 1,344 sets of isolation gowns and head covers and 5,000 face shields to the medical frontliners at Hospital Sultanah Aminah and Hospital Permai, Johor.


Delivering the first batch of PPEs

As of 6 May 2020, we have delivered the first batch of the PPEs consisted of 400 sets of isolation gowns and head covers and 2,000 pieces of face shields to Director of Hospital Permai, Johor, Dr Norazam Harun through a non-government organisation (NGO), Ihsan Johor Relief.

Another 944 sets of gowns and head covers will be completed by 13 May 2020 and another 3,000 pieces of face shields are targeted to fully complete by 19 May 2020.

Additionally, the balance of the unused material from the production of gowns and head covers was utilised by our volunteers to produce 150 pairs of shoe covers, which was not included in the initial plan. The shoe covers were handed earlier over to frontliners at Hospital Permai last 30 April 2020.


Every kind-hearted soul who contributes effort, time and energy

For the production of gowns and head covers, we are very fortunate to have volunteers; the medical support and former medical support teams from Unit Pemulihan Carakerja Hospital Permai, led by Pn Farrah Faridah Baptist from Ihsan Johor Relief.

As for the face shields, 28 kind-hearted volunteers comprising of teachers and public community had contributed in cutting, punching and assembling them together. These volunteers are led by a local dentist, Dr Natasya Raqeen.


Giving the best of the best

Aligned with MHB Cultural Beliefs’ element of Results Matter, we aim to provide superior results and the best of the best to our medical frontliners because they deserve. During the planning stage and after thorough discussion with the special task team from Hospital Sultanah Aminah, who are in charge of PPE for COVID-19 frontliners, MHB decided to opt for Polyethylene (PE)-coated material for the PPEs rather than the normal non-woven material even though the PE-coated material is more expensive.

Among the benefit of using this selected material was because it is thicker by 30 gsm if compared to the normal one, thus giving it a quality of lower level of liquid absorbance. This is indeed very useful for the frontliners who are in close or direct contact with the COVID-19 confirmed or suspected patients where the liquid or droplet transfer may happen at any time.

Based on this quality, a frontliner who uses PPE made from PE-coated material will be able to treat 5 patients without having to change the PPE. While a frontliner, who uses PPE made from non-woven material needs to change PPE for every patient.

This symbolises our gesture of appreciation to recognise the commitment and dedication performed by the COVID-19 frontline teams. We hope that this effort of ours will benefit the frontline teams in fighting COVID-19. May the Almighty help us all in this trying time.